tbhcat: Did you keep the cat? From the cat post. Did you adopt the cat?

I was super confused for a second ngl, but the post about the cat wasn’t me at all. I just saw it on my feed and posted it here. Sadly they didn’t keep the cat. Sorry about the confusion!


Joe The Cat | Various Videos


Gus giving Blaine dating advice is literally the best thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

  • Gavin: let me drop your phone right now Ryan
  • Ryan: it's already broken
  • Gavin: did you drop it for real in real life on accident?
  • Ryan: no I dropped it in fake life for a purpose
  • Michael: that's a pretty fucking stupid question


What a goof.





right which one of you fuckers?


michael jones being cute

→ for roosterstiel


Ryan Haywood? I love him. How he just [clenches fist] kills everyone.

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